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Fast-growing Two Maids & A Mop franchise has prime locations available in North Carolina and Florida

Two Maids & A Mop is the fastest-growing cleaning company in America for three years running, according to Inc. Magazine. Featuring a unique and scalable franchise model and backed by more than a decade of direct operating experience, Two Maids & A Mop has a three-year growth rate of 571 percent.

With 24 locations in seven states, the premier cleaning franchise has plans to rapidly expand in 2016 and beyond. Our focus over the next 15 months will emphasize expansion opportunities for franchisees in Florida and North Carolina. Two Maids & A Mop launched in the Florida Panhandle in 2003 and now has several locations in the Sunshine State, as well as two locations in North Carolina. We have prime locations available and are actively seeking savvy entrepreneurs who want to become a meaningful part of their Florida and North Carolina communities.

Twomaids why

How we are different

Two Maids & A Mop offers a unique selling proposition that has long been admired within the residential cleaning industry. People from almost every service-based industry have worked extremely hard to determine the true inner workings of the famous Two Maids & A Mop Pay for Performance Compensation Plan.

cleaning-for-a-reasonWhat makes the Pay for Performance Plan so great and how does it work? The Plan makes an owner out of every single one of our independent contractors. Basically, a customer will rate their service on a simple scale from 1-10. The rating–and that rating alone–directly determines the compensation level paid to the two Team Members responsible for cleaning the home. Customer feedback is the only factor utilized when determining independent contractor compensation. The Plan revolutionized the cleaning industry and has always created significant buzz for our company. People from all over the world have contacted us with questions about the Plan. Copycat models of the Plan have popped up and disappeared just as quickly. And most importantly, thousands of customers have hired us primarily because of the Plan.

The Plan provides our local franchisees with a self-policing internal motivational strategy for their independent contractors. And of course, the Plan provides our franchisees with an outstanding marketing tool that essentially converts all qualified leads into paying customers.

By franchising, you will have access to this plan and will be able to leverage its internal and external benefits on the first day of your business’ operation.

Why Florida and North Carolina? Why now?

maidsFlorida is a home base for Two Maids & A Mop. Not only did the first Two Maids & A Mop business open in Pensacola, but after proving the success of the business model in 12 locations, Two Maids & A Mop opened its first franchise location in Tampa in 2013.

Florida, now the nation’s fourth-most-populous state with a population exceeding 20 million, has become one of the best places in America to do business. According to Forbes, Florida is expected to have the nation’s third-best job growth rate in the next five years, and the same publication predicts that the population of Florida will benefit from having the fourth-largest overall income growth rate for the same time frame. With a booming tourist industry and an environment that fosters small business growth, Florida will be a great place to do business for years to come.

North Carolina is likewise a great place to do business. In fact, Forbes recently ranked the state as the second-best place to do business in the entire country. With a population rapidly approaching 10 million, Forbes reports that North Carolina boasts the largest net migration rates of any state in America. Why? Because with North Carolina’s strong economic climate and a culture that fosters small business growth, the word has gotten out that North Carolina is the place to go to find a job.

With two North Carolina locations in Greensboro and Charlotte, Two Maids & A Mop is actively seeking entrepreneurs in North Carolina to franchise with the fastest-growing cleaning company in the nation.


Bring the fastest-growing cleaning franchise to your community

Two Maids & A Mop is a business with growing demand, as hiring a cleaning service becomes more mainstream. Eighty percent of two-income households use a cleaning service at least once per year, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Busy people are looking for ways to cut down on errands and chores so they can prioritize family time.

“I would absolutely recommend a Two Maids & A Mop franchise to anyone who believes that helping others can truly create a successful business,” says LA Martin, owner of a Two Maids & A Mop franchise in Washington, D.C. “It takes a passion for people, knowledge of business and a little bit of a competitive spirit to really enjoy starting a new franchise, but anyone who believes that hard work pays off will find this brand to be a great fit.”

Your revenue and success potential


Two Maids & A Mop has developed a unique franchise concept that is backed by more than 10 years of direct operating experience. Our unique approach to sales and marketing allows our franchise partners to quickly control a significant amount of their local market share.

Our exponential growth started about three years ago after we implemented our sales and marketing process. Our future is certainly bright, and yours can be, too!

As you progress through the franchise opportunity, you’ll want to investigate the expected financial performance for your business. The best advice is to research our public Item 19 document that can be found within our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Item 19 details revenue, expenses and profit for Two Maids affiliate locations that have at least two years of operating experience. You can download our Item 19 by completing a short qualifying questionnaire.

Affiliate-owned locations that have been open for at least two years generate the following annual average revenues:

Small Market Territory: $189,405.05 – $308,726.28 – $428,047.50
Middle Market Territory: $214,529.96 – $430,179.95 – $766,864.00
Large Market Territory: $591,133.74 – $606,589.35 – $622,044.96

We are actively looking for individuals with a strong sales and service personality. In addition, we are only interested in individuals who are willing to implement and execute our proven systems.

Requirements to own a Two Maids & A Mop franchise:

TwoMaidsTimesSquareFranchisees must meet minimum financial qualifications necessary to fund the opening of the franchise and the initial franchise fee. The minimum financial requirements must be met in order to be qualified for franchising our brand:
FICO Score:
Tangible Cash Holdings:
Tangible Net Worth:

The typical investment for a Two Maids & A Mop location ranges from as little as $50,200 to as much as $142,950 (depending on territory size). A portion of the investment will be used as your Initial Franchise Fee, with the bulk of the investment serving as working capital to fund your business during the first 3 months of operation. Our company does not offer financing alternatives and expects each of our franchise owners to be able to meet these minimum financial qualifications.

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